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Life story is beautiful witness to the gospel. Through media, life story goes around the world and touches hearts to change lives. “We are the story, we are the media” is the core conviction of SOBEM’s media mission, and our determination is to mobilize fellow Christians around the world to tell their life stories by their own production of short film, to witness Christ’s salvation and to bring forth positive life values. This is the origin of “FilmSooGood – A Global Chinese Gospel Short Film Contest”. Come a long way of over 30 passionate years of media ministry, the SOBEM global family now come together to mobilize fellow Christians to become media missionaries through this contest, and to turn a new page to our media mission.


  • Promote creative short film production to spread the gospel and to provide positive life values by narrating life experience and vision
  • Build a global hub of gospel short films on SOBEM media platforms with brilliant works
  • Synergize Chinese churches all over the world on a new wave of media mission movement in the face of societal changes and challenges


SOBEM is an independent, interdenominational organization. The members in this organization must be dedicated Christians who commit themselves for gospel outreach. Its financial supports are from both churches and individual Christian brothers and sisters. The Board of Directors are responsible for policy making, and the General Secretary is to execute those policies.

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