Film Soo Good 傳承正片

[tt_single_post source=”custom” action_image=”959″ img_alignment=”right” post_title=”Theme: This Is Love” link=”|title:view||”]Life is filled with discovery. Your experience might have brought you a surprise….this is love. That helped you walk on again, and feel urged to tell the story to witness God’s grace and Christ’s salvation. Look back your life, family, friends, journeys and work place, there must be a story you discover the impact of love. You may make a creative short film to share the story, to uplift wisdom from the Bible, to shine out positive values and to witness Christ’s salvation![/tt_single_post]
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Gold Award C$4,000
Silver Award C$3,000
Bronze Award C$2,000
Best Creativity C$1,000
Best Popularity (On-line Voting) C$1,000

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  • Promote creative short film production to spread the gospel and to provide positive life values by narrating life experience and vision
  • Build a global hub of gospel short films on SOBEM media platforms with brilliant works
  • Synergize Chinese churches all over the world on a new wave of media mission movement in the face of societal changes and challenges


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[tt_member member_image=”1164″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Alfred Cheung Kin Ting” member_job=”Hong Kong – Renowned film director, Creativity Education Advocate” external_url=””]
[tt_member member_image=”471″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Henry Poon” member_job=”Hong Kong –Gospel film director and film production trainer” external_url=””][tt_member member_image=”472″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Rev Dick Kaan” member_job=”Europe – Veteran missionary in Europe” external_url=””]
[tt_member member_image=”470″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Shing Ming To” member_job=”USA/Hong Kong – Seasoned film producer and life educationist” external_url=””][tt_member member_image=”474″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Rev Calvin Lam” member_job=”Canada – General Secretary, SOBEM” external_url=””]
[tt_member member_image=”534″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Selina Chan” member_job=”Canada/ Hong Kong – Experienced media industry educationist” external_url=””][tt_member member_image=”473″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Felix Fong” member_job=”Canada – TV Production Director, SOBEM” external_url=””]
[tt_member member_image=”478″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Calvin Yu” member_job=”Hong Kong –New Media Ministry Advocate” external_url=””]
[tt_member member_image=”469″ socials=”%5B%5D” box_type=”small” member_name=”Man Shu Sum” member_job=”Hong Kong – Veteran media executive, Associate Director of academy of film” external_url=””]
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Alfred Cheung Kin Ting

Henry Poon

Shing Ming To

Man Shu Sum