Film Soo Good 傳承正片


  1. General Rules
  • Any eligible individual can only fill one Contest Application Form (SFC Form 01) and submit one entry video.
  • Entrant is not allowed to enter any other contest with the same video or allow its public screening during the whole period of this contest.
  • Entrant is solely responsible for obtaining written permission before using third party intellectual property right.
  • All judging results by the organizer and the judging panel are final and there will be no appeal.
  • The organizer reserves the right to interpret all Rules and Regulations of the contest.
  • The organizer has the right to make changes to prize arrangement and activities related to the contest, without prior notice to Entrant.


  1. Content Requirements
  • Creative expression of Christian faith and positive life values based on the Bible.
  • Must be original work, no plagiarism, never been publicized or submitted for any contest before.
  • Maximum duration five minutes, no language restriction, but Chinese subtitle is a must.
  • Must be legal and must comply with all laws of Canada and must avoid any illegal acts such as discrimination, libel, invasion of privacy, obscenity and indecency.
  • Should not promote business interest or political advocacy.


  1. Entrant’s Video Submission
  • Entrant is to download and fill up Entry Submission Form (SFC Form 02)from official website and email back to the organizer at the designated email address
  • Entrant is to upload entry video for contest to Dropbox in MP4 HD format.
  • Both actions above must be done on the same day, and deadline for both is September 30, 2019 (on or before 23:59 Canadian Eastern Time).
  • The organizer will not take responsibility for any delay, loss or technical fault during uploading.
  • If the video uses third party copyrighted materials such as music, song, portrait, picture or footage, the entrant is required to declare in the Entry Submission Form (SFC Form 02) and attach written authorization at the same time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Entrant is to take legal responsibility for any untruthful declaration or incomplete submission.


  1. Use of Entrant’s Video
  • Entrant remains to be copyright holder of the entry video, and the organizer has the right to make copy for public viewing, unlimited times, including on-line media, for promotion purpose.
  • Winning entrant remains to be copyright holder of the entry video, and the organizer has the right to make copy and broadcast including on-line media, globally and at unlimited times.
  • The organizer, at all times, is not obligated to carry out any of the aforesaid activities.